High-quality SiO2 coatings based on nanotechnology for mineral surfaces

These products are optimized for absorbent surfaces due to their formulation. They can therefore be used as invisible, water-resistant and contaminated, UV-stable coating of porous surface substrates, regardless of whether the surface is of natural stone, such as concrete, terracotta, clay brick or stone lining. Floor and wall coverings, facades, functional terracotta or tile are in the framework for the application of this product. Since nano coatings are applied in an ultra-thin layer on the inside of the pores, the substrates remain breathed after coating – the perfect structural protection. Most of the contamination is washed out of the rain.

Examples of use:

  • Concrete / concrete blocks
  • Cretaceous stones / sandy surfaces
  • Porous granite / marble
  • Crep / clay / terracotta

Product Features:

  • Strong hydrophobicity
  • Strong non-sticky properties
  • Excellent easy cleaning effect on unclean surfaces and affected by stone
  • Food Safe (Inert)


  • No effect on the appearance of the substrate (layer thickness 100-150 nm)
  • Excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
  • No solvent and odorless
  • Drying at room temperature. It does not require extra energy or UV light
  • Resistant to pressure wash (50-60 bar)
  • Excellent efficiency with low consumption
  • There is no mixing of the paint with the substrate colors
  • High temperature resistance – UV stable
  • Absolute freezing resistance

Other positive effects are:

1. No contamination can be infiltrated through the pore structure
2. Easy cleaning
3. Permanent impregnation allows high resistance to freezing and defrosting and there is no cracking due to ice
Storage method:
4. Reduces the growth of moss and fungi
5. Longer lifespan of the substrate due to a narrow cleaning cycle
6. Permanent protection for surface structure
7. Prevention of weather

Resistance to graffiti:

High quality special SiO2 coatings are excellent protection against graphite.
Nano-anti-graphite coatings with anti-graphite application for porous application
Silicate substrates, such as sandy surfaces, concrete, terracotta, brick and tile.
More information available on request.


Simply URGENT application makes it suitable for end users, as well:
1. Manual: Applying by moistening the surface (spraying or soaking)
2. Mechanical: Application using standard HVLP systems
This SiO2 coating is fully reinforced after 24 hours. The light-cleaning effect can only be tested after the setting phase.

Storage method:

In unopened original packaging it can be stored for at least 2 years.
Recommended storage and transport temperature: -3 to +30 ° C


Hand and machine: between 30ml and 200ml / m² depending on the absorption of the substrate.

Advantages of SiO2 coatings compared to competing products:

Durability and longevity: UV stability provides functionality for many years.
Many competing products are slowly damaged in the sun.
Resistant to wear and the effect of easy cleaning
Permanent chemical bonding to the substrate provides excellent wear resistance.
Many competitive products can be easily removed by wear.

Chemical stability:

The product is resistant to almost all standard household and industrial cleaning (except for concentrated alkali)
Many competing products must be re-applied after cleaning the surface.