G3 Paint Protect
The package contains:

100ml Precleaner

100ml G3 PaintProtect coating

Two cloths for application

The package is 10 m2 of surface


High quality, easy to clean coating
For glossy autoforses and nanotechnology-based polycarbonates.

G3 Paint Protect is the latest generation of nano-protective coatings n
And a nanotechnology base that enables easier cleaning and maintenance.

It forms completely invisible, ultra-violet and UV-resistant,
Protective film that rejects insects, adhesive resins,
Microprocesses, dirt, mud and similar impurities.
It prevents deep contamination, does not allow penetration
Dirt and impregnation within autofarbe.
It protects and increases the glow of the flame. Solid resistance to washing in laundries.
Chemical resistant to pH 12.5. Resistant to all atmospheric conditions.


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