Korpa “-25ml-S2 Inox Guard” je dodat u Vašu korpu


NanoMack G4 is designed to protect surfaces from polished marble and granite such as kitchen worktops, ceramics, monuments.
The package contains:

100ml Precleaner

100ml G4 Granite Guard Coating

Two cloths for application

Consumption 10-20 per m2
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Transparent protective agent for maximal protection of surfaces from penetration of water, oil, grease and moisture. Protect from the influence of acid rain and dirt caused by smog, allows the surface to „breathe“, penetrates deeply into the material, does not change color and does not produce a superficial film. Water on protected surfaces takes the form of droplets and slides off the surface, and does not absorb the material.
Protected surface does not change color due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. Prevent oxidation of materials.


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