Korpa “-25ml-S2 Inox Guard” je dodat u Vašu korpu

High-quality SiO2 coatings based on nanotechnology for untreated wood and cork
Woodpro 7 pack 1 liter
Consumption: 70-300 ml / m2 depending on the absorption of the substrate.
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This particularly effective surface protection in the field of nanotechnology protects almost all types of wood and cork from water, dirt and the formation of moss. The product has excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The resulting low surface energy leads to a significant reduction in soil dirt and absorption of water.

Examples of use:

Garden furniture
Wooden saunas (untreated paints)
Wooden floors, garden floors (untreated paints)
Cork materials

Product characteristics;

Water resistant for several years
Strong chemical bond
On a water base
Strong prevention of formation of mosses and microorganisms (eg bud)
It does not affect water parapropusnost
It does not affect the swelling of the tree
Invisible (depending on the color of the tree)
Protects against weather


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